Our Services

Sea Freight

Cost being one of the most effective factor of your business Tranzgate’s strength in providing a reliable, cost effective and time defined solutions are consistent to rely on. Since Sea Freight has been identified as the vital and the most demanded service from us we provide a wide range of assistance that fall under this category such as,

*sea freight consolidation

* LCL/ multi country consolidation


* Buyer consolidation

* Door to door service

* DG cargo handling

* Tanktainers /  Flexibag

* Project cargo

We make sure our stability in this sector has always matched our customers’ requirements which definitely has determined our quality of the service. With a strong global network like us we are positioned to offer a multi ocean related services which leaves you with more options. For us a seamless global flow of sea freight solutions are not just a vision for the future but a real challenge in today’s competitive market.

Air Freight

Time being a crucial factor in your business Tranzgate completely understands the trend of rising demand in the air freight services. We also make sure we are alert & proactive at keeping your cargo moving at an optimal speed with efficiency and competitive rates. Air freight being a premium and costly solution, we focus on a faster transits after arrival.

Tranzgate takes pride in providing tailor made quality service to satisfy customers’ each and every requirements by offering local expertise along with global experience providing to each customers’ specific logistic needs.

Logistic Management

Perceiving that seamless supply chain management provides any business a competitive edge. In Tranzgate we are evolving from a traditional freight forwarder into an integrated logistics solution provider, by developing the most  effective freight management and logistics solution for supply chain integration. As a single provider, we are harmonizing our extensive local knowledge with global experience to provide innovative logistic solutions tailor made according to each customers’ specific business model. Our well knitted collaboration and rapport with carefully chosen overseas partners enable us to ensure our consistency in providing premium quality solutions around the globe.

Tanktainer Operation

As a fast-growing method of transportation around the world.  Tanktainers enable a safe and secured transfer of bulk liquids and gases. By working together with world-renowned tanktainer operators Tranzgate provides you a cost-effective and environmentally friendly way to transport hazardous or non-hazardous bulk liquid cargo and food-grade items.

Buyer Consolidation and Warehouse Handling

Buyer consolidation and warehouse handling are our core activities and capabilities. We are capable of receiving cargo from multi-vendors at any of our warehouses and custom load containers at loading ports and then transported to their destinations. Tranzgate plays a key role in offering efficient transport by consolidating small- lot and multi-product cargo on a destination basis resulting in much lower transportation costs compared to individual transport.